The 2013 Permaculture Endeavor: a Streuobstwise and Dehesa

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Re: The 2013 Permaculture Endeavor: a Streuobstwise and Dehe

Postby pa_friendly_guy » Thu Nov 07, 2013 2:40 pm

I have thought about planting Kiwi for some time Manny. I would be interested in how they do for you, how long till you get fruit, how large is the fruit, and how do they taste. The northern hardy variety is much smaller than what you buy at the store. I wonder how they taste and what the skin is like on the fruit. Keep us posted. ;)
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Re: The 2013 Permaculture Endeavor: a Streuobstwise and Dehe

Postby Lollykoko » Fri Nov 08, 2013 6:18 am

Kiwi requires a male plant to pollinate up to 5 females. I'm thinking the range is about 50 feet. I'm building up my soil here at the house in town, hoping to put in a few plants in the spring and allow them to climb the privacy fence.

I drink goji juice, but I have been buying it from one of those nutrition places. After the herbal lectures I attended at the M.E.N. fair, I think it would be easy enough to harvest the berries and dry them for use in tea, cookies, cereal, etc. Again, once I have some soil that I can put a shovel into.
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